Hi my name is Michael. Raised in New Brunswick, I have a background in forestry (B.Sc in Forestry), fishing (guide), farming (family farm), kayaking (instructor), auto mechanics (family business) and teaching (English in Korea). Largely due to my upbringing, I have always been drawn to the forest and its waterways. I have a great love and respect for nature which was instilled into me by my parents. Since a very young age I would wander the forest and stumble upon beautiful landscapes and all the magnificent colours found at dusk and dawn. I would hide amongst the trees (and still do) in hopes of seeing wildlife. With a little patience, I have been fortunate enough to witness all kinds of different species in their natural environment. I would tell stories of what I saw to my family and friends but so often felt like the beauty of what I was seeing could not be truly described or understood. This is where the camera comes into my life. I aspired to capture these images and share them with people in hopes of evoking the same feelings I had experienced from witnessing it firsthand. My photography is strongly influenced by natural colours and light. I aim to take as many photos as I can at dusk and dawn when both are the most brilliant. I find myself chasing sunsets and sunrises more often than not. I also put a lot of thought into the vantage point from which I take my photos and try to achieve a view not seen by most.

Thanks for looking